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Final meeting "LIFE project+One deer two island"Feb 12, 2018Final meeting "LIFE project+One deer two island"

Cagliari, 1-2 March

The LIFE + project "One deer, two islands", funded by the European Union, which was attended by Forestas, the Province of Southern Sardinia, the Province of Nuoro, the Regional Natural Park of Corsica and ISPRA, has allowed  the creation of three new populations in suitable areas located in the SCI of Ogliastra, increased the genetic variability of the existing populations in Corsica and carried out ecological corridors to promote the natural dispersion of individuals and the colonization of new areas.


National System for Environmental Protection partecipates to the initiative " M'illumino di meno"Feb 16, 2018National System for Environmental Protection partecipates to the initiative " M'illumino di meno"

The SNPA adheres to the XIV M'Illumino di Meno 2018 campaign, linked to the Radio2 Caterpillar transmission, dedicated to the importance and the beauty of walking, because it’s time to change walk to save the Planet. In the infographic, the best practices and environmental benefits deriving from the adoption of eco-sustainable habits.


Nuclear safety

Oct 12, 2017Detection of radioactive contamination in air samples with concentrations below radiological concern
On October 2nd ISPRA has been notified by the Regional Environmental Protection Agency of Lombardia Region about the detection of traces of Ruthenium-106 (about 3 milliBq/m3) in air samples collected in Milan and Bergamo. No other artificial radionuclides have been detected. Ruthenium -106 is a radioisotope with a decay time of 373,6 days used in medical applications. As result of these notification ISPRA has informed all the laboratories of the national network for the monitoring of the environmental radioactivity requesting to report about any detected abnormal value.


Discovered an hydrothermal syte on the seabed around Panarea islandFeb 08, 2018Discovered an hydrothermal syte on the seabed around Panarea island

During a series of oceanographic campaigns carried out by Ispra in cooperation with ISMAR-CNR and other institutions on the seabed between the volcanic island of Panarea and small island of Basiluzzo, was discovered an important hydrothermal syte denominated Smoking Land. The area was recorded with the ROM remotely operated vehicle by Ispra experts



Isotopes : from theory to practiceFeb 01, 2018Isotopes : from theory to practice
This book aims at collecting and summarizing the basic information regarding isotopic analysis, with particular reference to nitrogen ad carbon elements. Thanks to its simple style, this book is useful tool for approaching this innovative analytical technique and it addresses both a general and a specialized audience, including the scientific and the regulatory communitie


I live green, a video competition to share your “green action”Dec 29, 2017I live green, a video competition to share your “green action”

Ispra and the European Environmental Agency for the Environment award the best videos

How did you get to work or school today? By car, by bike or by public transport? Every day we make decisions that can have an impact on the environment. The completion video "I LIVE GREEN", by ISPRA's NRC for Communication and organized by the European Environmental Agency (EEA), invites all Europeans to show their creativity and share their actions to help the environment. The best videos will receive a cash prize.

Ispra Events
Mar 01, 2018 - Mar 02, 2018
Final meeting "LIFE project+One deer two island"
Roma, sede ISPRA, Via V. Brancati, 48,
Jan 24, 2018 - Jan 25, 2018
Turnover School Job - 11 projects in ISPRA
Milano, Palazzo della Regione Lombardia – Piazza Città di Lombardia, 1,
Dec 15, 2017 - Dec 16, 2017
VI meeting ReMi Network

Dec 14, 2017
XIII Report on Urban Environment Quality - 2017 edition
c/o CNR-ISMAR, Sala Tesa 102 Tesa 104 - Arsenale, Castello 2737/F, 30122 – Venezia,
Nov 24, 2017
Predictive uncertainty and tide forecast
Venezia, University IUAV,
Nov 22, 2017
Soil consumption report presentation - territorial dynamics and ecosystem services
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News and other events
Rome - Cooperativa Sociale Agricola Integrata “Agricoltura Nuova” sita in Via Valle di Perna 315 (Roma),,
Feb 24, 2018 - Feb 25, 2018
Seminar: "Improvement of bee production in the context of modern agriculture"
Feb 22, 2018 Winter school AssoArpa
Feb 22, 2018
Goverance the biodiversity
Feb 21, 2018 Next workshop National Forum Copernicus - 28 febraury
Feb 23, 2018
LiFE Redune project : presentation conference
Venice-Auditorium Santa Margherita, Dorsoduro 3689, Campo Santa Margherita,
Feb 22, 2018
Final Conference LIFE SeResto
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