Environmental organizations

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The approach to envImgironmental issues has changed in the second half of the last century, in relation with the awareness of the limits of economic development for the exhaustion of natural resources and high population growth: the problem is that the "good environment " is not a issue that can be evaluated  with the normal parameters of the business.
As a result of these changes, new actors are playing a role in the environmental field, such as public and private institutions who are not involved in specific environmental issues, but mainly economic, production and trade, and that they have began to consider the sustainability of the effects of their choices, with particular attention to energy issues and technology.
This page  aims to present a brief description of the main organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) at national and global level in different areas (legislative, economic, political, social, research, etc..) with the common objective of environmental protection.
The debate regards both national organizations (Environment in Italy), both foreign and international (World Environment). In order to have a general view of the environmental protection it is necessary to consider together the main actors of the environment and the inseparable interdependence of their activities.

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