Presentation "Special Waste Report" edition 2016

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The Report on Special Waste, now in its fifteenth edition, is the result of a complex collection, analysis and processing of data by the Waste Service of ISPRA which implements a specific task required by  article 189, d.lgs. n. 152 of 3th April 2006.

Through an effective and comprehensive body of knowledge on waste, it will provide a framework of objective information, accurate and up to date in support of the legislator to guide appropriate policies and to monitor their effectiveness, introducing, if necessary, corrective measures.

The Report on Special Waste - provides data related to 2014, about generation and management of non-hazardous and hazardous waste, at national, regional and provincial levels; the Report contains information on the transboundary shipment of waste.

Presentation "Special Waste Report" edition 2016
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