Conference presentation : SNPA environmental control report –AIA/SEVESO edition 2017

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Conference presentation : SNPA environmental control report –AIA/SEVESO edition 2017
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On 19 April ISPRA, with the participation of the Forestry, Environmental and Agrifood Command Unit of  Carabinieri, presents the Environmental Control Report of the SNPA - AIA / Seveso Edition 2017. The SNPA AIA/SEVESO Environmental Control Report represents the only one detailed reporting publication at national level on the control activities carried out in 2016 by the NationalSystem for Environmental Protection  (SNPA constituted by the ISPRA - National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research and 21 Regional EPAs) on industrial plants located on Italian territory classified and authorized as AIA and SEVESO according to Directives 2010/75/UE and 2012/18/UE, respectively

The Report, 2017 edition, confirms the constant commitment of the SNPA system in the inspection activities and the monitoring activities of the various environmental matrices affected by the operation of these plants. The Report, maintaining transparency and uniformity of reporting, collects the most significant data related to the control activities performed in every Region (i.e. for example the list and type of installations/plants subjected to the control, the number and type of non-conformities found, the number of sampling and analysis activities carried out). The document demonstrates the increasing participation of the SNPA system in developing the harmonization policies of control activities and data dissemination.


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