Posidonia oceanica, tree days of initiatives in Civitavecchia with LIFE SEPOSSO

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Posidonia Ocenaica  is the most widespread plant species in the Mediterranean and performs vital functions for the functioning of ecosystems, but their presence in our seas is decreasing, also due to inadequate management of the coastal strip. The "SEPOSSO" LIFE project (Supporting Environmental governance for the Posidonia oceanica sustainable transplanting operations), of which Ispra is a leader, addresses this complex issue.

The 3 days initiatives will starts from the case study of Civitavecchia-Santa Marinella, where the first and largest transplant of Posidonia of the Mediterranean was carried out. From June 28 to 30, the municipalities host a series of initiatives to raise awareness of the current situation of the prairies and to provide moments of comparison between institutions, citizens and businesses. In 2004, 300 thousand Posidonia cuttings were installed on a surface of about 10,000 square meters of sea between the towns of Santa Marinella and Santa Severa.


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TG1 edizione serale del 30/6/2018 (dal minuto 29’ “Trapianto di Posidonia”)

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