Coastal lagoon restoration - Life SERESTO final conference

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Coastal lagoon restoration - Life SERESTO final conference

Rome, 11 april

The project, started in 2014, was financed by the European Community and has provided different actions in the Lagoon of Venice with the aim to restore seagrass, as a measure to be achieved by Habitat dir.2000/60/CE. The conference will have foreign and italian experts, representatives of the Institutions, as an opportunity for comparison between the scientific and institutional world on the management environments in transiction, and is divided in three sessions: Results of the LIFE SERESTO project and other experiences  seagras; European projects about similar topic; Round table, lead by ISPRA, wwith the participation of ARPA, District Basin Authority and MATTM, on the theme "Protection and restoration in the Italian lagoons: state of the art, technical-scientific gap and directions for applied research"


The Italian conference will be done in Italian but with simultaneous Italian / English translation service.

How to achieve the conference place

  • By public transport : Metro A - Ottaviano stop  and bus nr. 32
  • By car: exit n.6. G.R.A, direction Tor di Quinto. The place has 550 parking


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