Sustainable restoration of Mediterranean forests

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It is known worldwide that conservation and sustainable management of forests plays a pivotal role in the bio-based economy of present and future generations. It is for this reason that the achievement of an improved knowledge of how to adapt forest and forests landscapes to the challenges posed by climate and social changes must become the first goal for all researchers and stakeholder active in this important sector of any national economies.

For this purpose the IUFRO – International Union of Forest Research Organizations - has approved during 2015 the formation of a Task Force named "Forest Adaptation and Restoration under global change". The Task Force's conceptual pathway work presents three main aims:

  1. identifying knowledge gaps
  2. comparing existing activities and techniques
  3. elaborating best practice approaches

The meeting of Palermo ( 19-21 April), which an Ispra expert will attend, focus on the following topic ; " Analysis and perspective within the context of bio-based economy development under global changes"


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