11° Workshop of Telesurvey

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Observation of the Earth : georesoureces, productive resources, geopolitics, natural disasters and cultural heritage

11° Workshop of Telesurvey

ENEA and AIT ( Italian Association for telesurve) organizes, since a lot of years, workshop on specific themes to provide an update on the possible application of telesurvey on the Italian territory. The topics covered will be the following:

  • Georesources : hydrogeology, water management, quarries, mines, hydrocarbons
  • Production resources: rural areas management, precision agriculture, high-quality crops
  • Geopolitics: control of migratory flows, choice and management of host sites, soil consumption, thematic cartography, production strategies
  • Natural Disasters and Cultural Heritage: floods, earthquakes, risk, vulnerabilities, historic centers at risk, post-event management.

Ispra experts will participate to the event

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