Appointed the new head staff ISPRA

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By note 16341, the Ministry of the Environment, land and sea, control body of ISPRA, has transmitted the names of the new President, the members of the Board of Directors and those of the Scientific Council of the Institute.
Appointed the new head staff ISPRA

The dr.  Stefano Laporta, already DG of Ispra, from the last 15 july is the new ISPRA President . Together with his role, have been nominated also the  Board of Directors and of the Scientific Council .

Miriam Lanza and Giovanni Immordino are the new members while have been  confirmed Mauro Libé and Alfredo De Girolamo Vitolo.

Also for the  Scientific council have been confirmed two names Andrea Segré and Francesco Venerando Mantegna, while the new ones are : Michele Scardi, Luca Mercalli and Porzia Maiorano.