III editions of Green Public General States. 20-22 november

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Italy since 2013 has introduced a new law for the green in cities, the nr. 10/2013 : "Rules for the development of green urban spaces" with the aim to promote a new green culture in urban areas, where live and work the majority of Italians. The law establishes at the Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea, the Committeee for the green public development, that is supported by ISPRA.
III editions of Green Public General States. 20-22 november

In order to stimulate a debate on this important topic, and in the occasion of the Trees National Day in 21 november, will also be organized the General State by the committee for the development of Green Public of Ministry of Environment, that has the duty to apply the italian law n. 10/2013.

The event is organized in four half days and is an important opportunity  to share knowledges and experiences between experts and Istitutions to achieve a better integration of the green infrastructures in the urban planning towards nature-based solutions.

Program Rome, 20 november

Program Rome, 21 november

Program Milan, 21 november

Program Florence, 22 november