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6 december

ISPRA President, Stefano Laporta, has met today in Whashington the On. Kristine Svinicki, President of US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC), to talk about nuclear safety cooperation Us-Italy. Also concerning to his role as Coordinator for the Council of the National Inspectorate for Nuclear Safety and Radioprotection (ISIN), ISPRA President has underlined the importance to strengthen technical exchanges. Both President said that are available to review the terms agreement between the two Institutions, taking into account the new priorities linked to the establishment of ISIN, including staff training activities.

Earth/Natural Resources Working Group

The EU position on nuclear affair and the Italy's role have represented also other topics of interest.

At the meeting conclusion, Stefano Laporta has delivered to Mrs. Kristine Svinicki a photographic volume on the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea depths, to symbolically emphasize the need to work together to protect the priceless natural heritage that belongs to the whole humanity.

Ispra experts also had a technical meeting with the american collegues on the nuclear safety and radioactive material protection.

Photogallery with Kristine Svinicki, President USNRC

In the morning, ISPRA President has partecipated also to the closing meeting US-Italy Science and Technology Joint Commission at the Italian Embassy in Washington, and he expressed the will to report to the Italian Ministry of the Environment, the positive results achivied, aslo in consideration of  the action plan established for the next two years, confirming ISPRA's commitment to support the initiative jointly with the other Italian Intitutions involved.

Photogallery bilateral meeting US-Italy at the Embassy

At the conclusion of the ISPRA mission in the USA, the delegation of the Institute, led by President Stefano Laporta, visited the United States Geological Service (USGS) and a cooperation agreement on Earth Sciences was signed. Stefano Laporta,  stressed that the environmental challenges are global, and that only by effective international cooperation the issues can be successfully addressed.

Photogallery geological service meeting

Meeting agenda

5 december meeting