Memorandum of agreement between ISPRA and ARPA Sicily

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Memorandum of agreement between ISPRA and ARPA Sicily

Last 24 july, ISPRA and Arpa Sicily signed a memorandum for three-year to built a cooperation between the 2 Institutions, with the aim to male more clear procedures and to share human, instrumental and financing resources. The agreement is the first of a series of protocols; in fact, other  agreeement of this type have been a planned with the University of Palermo and with other regional institutions and structures, which make the ISPRA office in Palermo, an authoritative point of reference for environmental protection activities, in the field of marine studies and coastal area. Among the actions identified as priorities in the Memorandum, there are:

• Integration of systems for monitoring the physical state of the sea in situ and remote sensing
• SIN and port sediments
• Coastal erosion and protection of transition environments with particular reference to Posidonia beachta
• Tsunamis and coastal erosion mapping
• Transitional waters
• Quality of the marine environment
• Marine biodiversity
• Circular economy
• Environmental education, information and training
Specific operational agreements will be stipulated for these priority actions.