Air and atmospheric emissions

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Information about networks, stations and measuring sensors used for air quality monitoring and to detect the concentration of pollutants. Data on the national territory, collected locally by the Regional Focal Points. Within EOL information is transmitted by ISPRA to the Environment European Agency and then stored in the European AIRBASE database.

Geoviewer ISPRA:

  • Air quality monitoring stations
  • Air quality - data in almost "real-time"

Italian Registry of quotas and emissions - Emission trading

Databases of emission factors, processing and documentation on the emissions in atmosphere

National Inventory of the Emissions in Atmosphere
Estimates of emissions of polluting gases / greenhouse under CLRT and UNFCC international conventions

Measures to improve air quality
The database is a repository of the information annually transmitted, since 2005, by Regions and Autonomous Provinces in accordance with the provisions of the national and European legislation on air quality
improvement plans. You can find the following information: exceeding limit values situations that have occurred and which have prompted the
drafting of the plan, the pollutants detected, stations where exceedances were recorded, the areas involved and measures taken in addition to those already provided at the national level.

Time Series of Emissions of the main pollutants in Italy organized by CORINAIR sector
Data extracted from the national inventory of emissions. The data relating to greenhouse gas emissions are consistent with those officially communicated to the Convention on Climate Change - UNFCCC according to the specifications of the "Common Reporting Format" (Time series of emissions of greenhouse gases).

Exceedances of ozone levels in summer
Data on the exceeding of ozone levels in summer, transmitted annually to the EU.