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Landscape units 1:250,000, Habitat and Assessments at regional level 1:50.000

Italian contribution to the European database Common Database on Designated Area

EPE – EURING Protocl Engine
Information system on ringing

Geoviewer ISPRA
Territorial limits of Protected Areas

Green Infrastructure and Landscape Ecology : experiences of higher training

The database is developed by the Territorial Planning Sector of the Nature Protection Department in cooperation with the Italian Society of Landscape Ecology.

It collects the results (PhD/specialization/master/training thesis and publications) of academic research regarding the landscape ecology, the ecological networks, the connectivity, the greening and the green infrastructure.

The database aims to:

- find out the current state of the Italian academic research on these issues;

- spread the news and the knowledge of the widespread natural system and its environmental effects focusing on linked planning procedures and managing tools;

- share and promote synergies between the academic know-how and the planning activities that involve both the public administrations and the professional world.

Inventory of wetlands
Following the directions of the National Biodiversity Strategy, ISPRA, in collaboration with the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea and the ARPA Toscana, is coordinating a technical table on "wetlands", which aims to establish an inventory of these environments, according to the method of the 'Pan Mediterranean Wetland Inventory" (PMWI) of MedWet and to the guidelines for their protection. The results so far
emerged from the project are summarized in this website, where it is possibile to make research in the areas of interest (wetlands - Ramsar), displaying the data contained in the forms of PMWI or accessing
geo-referenced data (GeoViewer) following the instructions.

Repertoire of the implementation of the "Plan for the Park" in the National Parks
Referred to the 24 National Parks currently existing, it is a collection of the official acts issued by the Park Authorities, Regions and State and defines the current framework both of the existing instruments and of the ones yet to be approved, written or proposed (updated to 6 June 2011). The research of the provisions contained in the database can be done by clicking on each Region, selecting the Park and accessing the individual acts or by clicking on the area of the Park and accessing the individual acts.

INFS-water birds website

  • Database of wetlands
  • Data on water birds