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Seismic events in L'Aquila and others cities of Abruzzo Region

Ispra activities to support the Civil Protection Department

The civil protection in Italy is organized in a "National Service"  a complex system that includes all the structures and activities put in place by the state to protect the integrity of life, property, settlements and the environment from damage or the danger of damage resulting from natural disasters, catastrophes and other disasters (Law 225/1992, art. 1). The activities of the system are the forecast and prevention of various scenarios of risk, to rescue people and all activities aimed at overcoming the emergency. Therefore the environment is one of the principal targets that the Law aims to protect when some disasters happen (natural or man-made).
 Following the requirements indicates by the Civil Protection Department, Ispra has established an Environmental Situation Centre, under control of the Interdepartment for Environmental emergencies, that is operarive h-24 and is in permanent contact with all the Ispra structures and experts.
In this way the Environmental Situation centre ensures the costant update of the actitivies to Ispra’s President and the GD of the Regional environmental Agencies and to direction in L’Aquila of the Civil Protection (Di.COMAC.C.) that is working in areas interested by the sisma.

Environmental Situation Centre:

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Fax 06 5007 2267

06 5007 2883-2426
e-mail: emergenzeambientali@isprambiente.it