Large combustion plants

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Acquisition of data on combustion large plants by ISPRA, as provided by Italian environmental law

The Legislative Decree of 3 April 2006, No. 152,  with Article 274 (collection and transmission of data on emissions from combustion large  plants)  establishes that  "by May 31 of each year, beginning in 2006, the managers of  combustion large plants must communicate to the Agency environmental protection and technical Services (APAT, today ISPRA), in the modality  provided in Part III of Annex II to part Five of this decree, the total emissions for the previous year, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and dust determined in accordance with the requirements of Part II of Annex IV to the fifth part of this decree, and the total annual amount of energy produced from biomass, respectively, from other solid fuels, liquid fuels, natural gas and other gases, related to net calorific value, and the characterization of systems to reduce emissions. "For large combustion plant is intended any combustion plant with a rated thermal input not less than 50MW, subject to the exclusions of article 273, paragraph 15. A summary of the provisions relating to large combustion plants is contained in the  articles 268, 273 and 274. The collection of information has to be transmitted according the summarized in the form of electronic data collection that can be downloaded from this page.

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ISPRA: Mr. Mario Contaldi, tel. 06.5007.2539 - Mr. Riccardo De Lauretis, tel. 06.5007.2543 - Francesca Lena, tel. 06.5007.2599 - Emanuele Peschi, tel. 0650072628