State of the coasts

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Atlas of the coasts

The Atlas is aimed at a preliminary investigation of the meteo-marine characteristics off the Italian coasts, in order to study the effects, with particular respect to potential solid transport and coastal erosion. One of the main objectives of the Atlas is to provide a concise, consistent and complete description of the analysis results, used for the investigation of the statistical distribution of the various physical quantities about the status of the sea.

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Sea state forecasts

The site hosts daily short-term forecasts, up to 48 hours, for the height and direction of the waves in the Mediterranean basin and the sea level and currents in the Adriatic. The estimates are obtained by performing some numerical models briefly described on the website. The numerical model WAM (WAve Model) processes the information on wave height and direction, while the model POM (Princeton Ocean Model) provides information on sea level and currents in the Adriatic. Finally, the model FEM (Finite Element Model) is used to obtain detailed sea level predictions in the lagoon of Venice.

Sea state forecast