Sustainable mobility and mobility manager

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Sustainable mobility isthe ability to meetthe needsof societyto move freely, to have access,communicate,tradeandestablish relationshipswithout sacrificingotheressentialhuman andecologicalvaluestoday and in thefuture.
(Source:World BusinessCouncil for Sustainable Development,Mobility2030Report,2004).

Sustainable mobility and mobility manager

Mobility management is an approach to the needs of mobility to need and manage the demand of mobility, which develops and implements strategies to ensure the transport of people and goods efficiently, with regard to social and environmental aims and to energy saving. Mobility management is a concept concerning the promotion of sustainable mobility as well as the management of private transport demand through changes in attitudes and behavior of users. It involves new partnerships and a set of support tools and encouragement to change habits towards sustainable transport.
A set of tools is normally based on:

  • Information and communication,
  • Organization of services,
  • Coordination of activities and interventions of the various actors,
  • Promotion.

These 'soft' measures, not costy and quite efficient, combined with the 'hard' measures of urban transport (new tram lines, new roads, new bicycle paths, etc.) have the effect of increasing its effectiveness.

The Mobility Manager is a professional required under Article. 3 of DM 27.03.1998 in public bodies and private companies with more than 300 employees for "local unit" and with over 800 employees working in more headquarters in municipalities being classified at risk of air pollution. The mobility manager has the task to formulate proposals to optimize the movements of employees in order to reduce the individual use of private vehicles, supporting the use of public transport and seeking possible alternatives, such as car pooling, car sharing, bike sharing, transportation on demand, shuttles etc. He is coordinated at the municipal or provincial level by the mobility area manager (DM 20/12/200). It is recognized as part of the Green Economy.