Earthquakes in Central Italy

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With reference to the exceptional avalanche occurred in the municipality of Farindola, the DICOMAC (Command and Control Directorate of Civil Protection) established in Rieti has requested, through the interregional association AINEVA, experienced personnel in the rapid assessment of avalanche risk and related securing activities.

Five technical experts of the snow and avalanches offices the Alpine regions (ARPA Valle d'Aosta, Lombardy and Veneto) will provide the first support required; Arpa Piemonte organized a team of 2 experts who are ready to leave in case of need for strengthening or give shifts to the specialists group.



Earthquakes in Central Italy


The data acquired by the GPS stations ( denominated CATO, Leof and TERM), managed  by the ISPRA Geophysics Service  have contributed, together with the data acquired from the stations of other bodies (INGV-RING, DPC, ItalPos, NetGeo, ASI, ...) to the definition of co-seismic deformations associated with the event on 24 August 2016. These data have allowed us to define the fault geometry associated with the event, as described in the following publications:

Coseismic displacement waveforms for the 2016 August 24 Mw 6.0 Amatrice earthquake (central Italy) carried out from High-Rate GPS data

GPS observations of coseismic deformation following the 2016, August 24, Mw 6 Amatrice earthquake (central Italy): data, analysis and preliminary fault model


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