Explosion at the nuclear power station of Flamanville, France

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On the 9th of February, around 10:15 am, at the French Flamanville nuclear power plant, an explosion followed by a fire occurred inside the turbine hall of the Unit 1.At the Flamanville nuclear station, sited in Normandy, two nuclear power reactors (pressurized water reactor type, PWR) are operational and a third reactor is under construction.After the first press news, ISPRA immediately contacted the French nuclear Safety Authority (ASN), under the bilateral agreements in place for the rapid exchange of information in case of any event occurring at nuclear installations.

Later, additional information from the international communication network for the early-notification of any radiological accident, operated by the International Atomic Energy Agency (the IAEA), was received by the Nuclear Emergencies Centre of ISPRA. The communication concerned a first information note from the ASN. In particular, on the basis of information provided by EDF, the plant operator, the explosion occurred in the turbine-hall of the Unit n. 1 which is a conventional (non-nuclear) area separated from the nuclear part of the plant itself.

The fire that followed the explosion was extinguished at 11:00 by the firefighting team of the plant itself. Five operators who were working there have been taken care by the medical service of the installation. There are no casualties and no serious injuries.

The event did not have any radioactive release and has not been classified as a nuclear or radiological emergency.

The reactor n. 1 continued its operation and its shutdown was programmed to be started in the afternoon.

ISPRA continues to follow the development of the event.