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Isotopes : from theory to practice
This book aims at collecting and summarizing the basic information regarding isotopic analysis, with particular reference to nitrogen ad carbon elements. Thanks to its simple style, this book is useful tool for approaching this innovative analytical technique and it addresses both a general and a specialized audience, including the scientific and the regulatory communitie
Sharing mobility management
Cooperation to provide people with sustainable mobility services Sharing mobility management The first mobility manager Network book aims to focus the role of mobility managers from the perspective of the rules and practices that regulate people sustainable mobility. Mobility managers have been provided with a questionnaire in order to get a context analysis describing the complexities and the critical issues that professionals and practitioners are facing on a daily bases.
Fertilization and larval development bioassays with the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus (Lamarck) (Echinodermata : echinoidea)
In recent decades, the attention and importance of the ecotoxicological analyzes for the assessment of the effects of pollutants on living organisms is progressively increasing. Following the inclusion of bioassays in the Italian environmental legislation, the availability of standardized methodological protocols is fundamental, complying, together with the scientific approach, with the requisites of a high environmental relevance and with a relative ease of use.
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