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Food wastage: a systemic approach for structural prevention and reduction
The reduction of food losses and waste are considered by the United Nations and many other international institutions as one of the fundamental ways to proceed for the protection of the environment and towards the human wellbeing.The report comes to a proposal of systemic definition and highlights the critical extent and effects of food wastage, by providing extensive data and information on the magnitude of the phenomenon and the extent of environmental effects, at national, European and global scale
Environmental certification in Parks and Protected Natural Areas
The report analyzes the environmental indicators used and the environmental programs adopted by the EMAS registered parks and protected natural areas. The state of implementation of the Ecolabel UE to lodging services (hotels, camping, etc ...) located in the aforementioned Parks and Protected Natural Areas is analyzed, too. Finally, a comparison is made between EMAS and Ecolabel Regulations and other certification systems adopted in the field of tourism, in particular the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (CETS) to check their effectiveness.
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