The climate can't wait: SNPA adheres at the global strike for future

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The National System for Environmental Protection (SNPA), together with other research organizations and environmental associations, adheres to the Global Strike for Future, a great event to raise global awareness of climate change, making available  data, information and activities that System is carrying out to combat climate change.

Stefano Laporta, SNPA president, has also declared: "We as a System are committed every day to protect the environment and citizens, all of us in the National System for Environmental Protection feel deeply involved in this great climate initiative, which starts with young people to fight for the future of the planet.

The climate can't wait: SNPA adheres at the global strike for future

We also join the appeal of Italian President Mattarella, who only few days ago attended our National SNPA Conference in Rome, that has just given a further signal of attention to the environmental challenge in Italy and in the world. The climatic urgency is in front our eyes: in Italy the 2018 was the warmest year in the last two centuries, extreme weather events are increasing, while the drought situation of rivers and lakes is increasing. All this issues has an impact on people's daily lives. Our contribution as SNPA is to constantly monitoring what is happening in the territory, study the phenomena and to support to define mitigation strategies and adaptation to climate change in progress. This is why we want to reiterate the message sent by the young people: the climate change cannot wait!"


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