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First National Conference SNPA

Roma, 27-28 february

The First SNPA National Conference, which takes place in the presence of the President of the Republic, is an opportunity to present to the public the National System for Environmental Protection as a single body and at the same time, network in its distribution and territorial diversity.
The approach to the final event in February in Rome has touched several stages and concluded in December 2018. In the three preparatory events, in fact, the key was the opening of the System to the company and to all stakeholders: in Ferrara, last September, in order to talk with the entrepreneurial system of our country, in Rome, in October, the first real confrontation took place between the researchers and technicians of the SNPA and three important scientists of the Club of Rome, and finally the theme that the System has more expectations, the relationship with the citizens, in Palermo in December.

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