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EMAS ITALY 2017 AwardApr 27, 2017EMAS ITALY 2017 Award

Parma. 4 May

The Ecolabel Ecoaudit Commitee and ISPRA, have established the EMAS Award 2017, in order to reward the environmental statements of organizations that, among those who have joined the initiative by the begin of March, were able to understand and apply more effectively the principles of the European scheme, above all in  the Communication sector


Legal and Policy Aspects Relevant for the Ships’ Ballast Water Management in the Adriatic Sea Area. BALMAS Project Final ReportApr 27, 2017Legal and Policy Aspects Relevant for the Ships’ Ballast Water Management in the Adriatic Sea Area. BALMAS Project Final Report
Starting from September 2017, the entry into force of the Ballast Water Management Convention (London 2004) will require Parties big efforts in terms of information, management and compliance, particularly relevant in order to protect marine vulnerable areas such as the Adriatic Sea basin.

Nuclear safety

Feb 09, 2017Explosion at the nuclear power station of Flamanville, France
On the 9th of February, around 10:15 am, at the French Flamanville nuclear power plant, an explosion followed by a fire occurred inside the turbine hall of the Unit 1.At the Flamanville nuclear station, sited in Normandy, two nuclear power reactors (pressurized water reactor type, PWR) are operational and a third reactor is under construction.After the first press news, ISPRA immediately contacted the French nuclear Safety Authority (ASN), under the bilateral agreements in place for the rapid exchange of information in case of any event occurring at nuclear installations.

Earthquake in Central Italy

Earthquakes in Central ItalyApr 04, 2017Earthquakes in Central Italy

ISPRA is part of the Operative Commitee of Civil Protecion Department and the Agency experts have been partecipating since 24 August at the acitivities of the Commitee ; it has also supported during this time the DICOMAC (Command and Control Directorate of Civil Protection) established in Rieti.



Ideambiente nr. 2/2017Mar 31, 2017Ideambiente nr. 2/2017
Main topic of this new number of Ideambiente is the communication: scientific, environmental and emergency. It is analyzed the language, contents and weak points concerning various media, hosting prestigious professional contributions. There is also space to SNPA, the usual columns, Collage of Articles and news from Research world.
News and other events
Apr 27, 2017 Project H2020 ECOPOTENTIAL: "Application of Earth Observation tools in Protected Areas"
Casale Monferrato (AL) - Castello dei Paleologi,
Apr 28, 2017
Tour of good practices for Cities zero asbestos
Apr 26, 2017 The mining park of Amiata
Apr 25, 2017 Ispra joins the World Earth Day
Rome, ISPRA - Via V. Brancati, 60 ( IV floor),
May 03, 2017 - May 04, 2017
First meeting working of the IMPEL project “Integrated Water Approach"
Villaggio per la Terra, Galoppatoio di Villa Borghese – Roma,
Apr 21, 2017 - Apr 22, 2017
Environmental Education Festival
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