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Geological Survey of Italy Portal: data for the expertsFeb 18, 2019Geological Survey of Italy Portal: data for the experts

The workshop Geological Survey of Italy Portal: data for the experts", organized by ISPRA together with the National Council of Geologists and the Order of Geologists of Lazio, will be held on 18 February in Rome at the CNR Conference Hall .
During the workshop the new Geological Service Portal will be presented, completely renewed and expanded in content.
The event will be a moment of confrontation between ISPRA and experts to ensure a more efficient and correct use of geological data. The technical session provides for the in-depth analysis of some databases that are particularly used by the professional geologist, geological mapping, landslides, capable faults, surveys, soil defense interventions, etc


Soil consumption of Roma CapitaleJan 17, 2019Soil consumption of Roma Capitale

Rome, 17 january

The Statistics Unit - Open Data of Roma Capitale, together with ISPRA, carried out in the course of 2018 a project within the Civil Service on the theme of land use, with specific attention to the areas subject to hydrogeological risk. Project that was also included in the current National Statistical Plan with ISPRA and ISTAT partners. This research has allowed to develop a more detailed mapping of land use thanks to the interpretation of satellite images (scale 1: 2000-1: 5000), integrated with data from Urban Atlas (2016), Open street Map and CTR of Rome, using the III level of classification of the mapping of the consumption of national soil. At the conference will partecipate the ISPRA President Stefano Laporta and some ISPRA experts



First National Conference SNPAFeb 18, 2019First National Conference SNPA

Roma, 27-28 february

The First SNPA National Conference, which takes place in the presence of the President of the Republic, is an opportunity to present to the public the National System for Environmental Protection as a single body and at the same time, network in its distribution and territorial diversity.
The approach to the final event in February in Rome has touched several stages and concluded in December 2018. In the three preparatory events, in fact, the key was the opening of the System to the company and to all stakeholders: in Ferrara, last September, in order to talk with the entrepreneurial system of our country, in Rome, in October, the first real confrontation took place between the researchers and technicians of the SNPA and three important scientists of the Club of Rome, and finally the theme that the System has more expectations, the relationship with the citizens, in Palermo in December.



Food wastage: a systemic approach for structural prevention and reductionFeb 05, 2019Food wastage: a systemic approach for structural prevention and reduction
The reduction of food losses and waste are considered by the United Nations and many other international institutions as one of the fundamental ways to proceed for the protection of the environment and towards the human wellbeing.The report comes to a proposal of systemic definition and highlights the critical extent and effects of food wastage, by providing extensive data and information on the magnitude of the phenomenon and the extent of environmental effects, at national, European and global scale


Final workshop INDICIT project. Presentation of the ISPRA video-documentaryJan 30, 2019Final workshop INDICIT project. Presentation of the ISPRA video-documentary
The final workshop of the INDICIT project will be held today and and 18 January in Brussels: during the event the final research results and the requirements for the implementation of the marine litter impact indicators to support the Marine Strategy Framework Directive will be presented.On this occasion, the documentary INDICIT - Marine litter impact on sea turtles, presented by ISPRA will be presented too.


INDICIT Spot ProjectAug 07, 2018INDICIT Spot Project

The European project INDICT  uses Caretta caretta sea turtles as indicators of the impact of plastics on Mediterranean animals. The Carette caretta are widely spread in various habitats and have the characteristic of ingesting marine litter. Also ISPRA, INDICIT project includes international partners from Greece, Spain, the Canary Islands, the Azores, France, Tunisia and Turkey.

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Roma, Sala conferenze Spazio Europa, Via Quattro Novembre 149,
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Geological Survey of Italy Portal: data for the experts
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Jan 29, 2019 - Jan 30, 2019
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Jan 16, 2019
The environmental education in the National System for Environmental Protection
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Dec 19, 2018
Presentation of the XIV Report on the Urban Environment Quality Edition 2018 and the innovative SNPA experiences for the quality of the urban environment
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Dec 11, 2018
Territory. Process and trasformation in Italy
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