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The environment teaches. ISPRA proposes its best documentariesApr 06, 2020The environment teaches. ISPRA proposes its best documentaries


Since last 19 march a new ISPRA initiative started to make available the most recent documentaries and sport produced by the Institute, divided into thematic sections and projects. Tools also useful for educational activities and scientific insights for all ages. Ispra has joined "Research bodies for teachers, students and families", an initiative of all Italian public research bodies, which have shared  together contents, videos and interactive contributions in a single platform, that of the Institute National Documentation Innovation and Educational Research (INDIRE).

What happens on the coast near us and how it affect distant environments? What is chronic pollution? How do you study the impact of plastic on the marine environment?

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World Wildlife DayMar 03, 2020World Wildlife Day

"Supporting all life on Earth" is the topic of the World Wildlife Day established by the UN seven years ago and which is celebrated every March 3. In Italy, wildlife is estimated more than 60,000 species, marine fauna in almost 2,800 species. Threatened 23% of mammals and 27% of nesting birds.

Documentary on Selva di Castelporziano



Coronavirus: message of Luca MercalliMar 21, 2020Coronavirus: message of Luca Mercalli
"Don't let guard down on the environment. ISPRA is in the first line for the sustainable future of the Planet and of those who live it "


COVID 19: SNPA indications for waste managementMar 24, 2020COVID 19: SNPA indications for waste management
Collection and management of municipal waste, what must be guaranteed and adequate during an emergency: the guidelines of the National System for Environmental Protection.


The television representation of the risk from chemicals in everyday products and their impact on humans and the environmentMar 06, 2020The television representation of the risk from chemicals in everyday products and their impact on humans and the environment

Survey of RAI 1, RAI 2 and RAI 3 programmes in the decade 2006-2015

This book illustrates the main results of a study on the representation, in the programmes of the three main public service networks, of the chemicals present in everyday products, their risks for man and the environment and their management (prevention, minimisation, mitigation). The research, carried out using both qualitative and quantitative methods of content analysis, concerned the broadcasts of RAI 1, RAI 2 and RAI 3 in the decade 2006-2015



ISPRA videos in Castelporziano woodNov 21, 2019ISPRA videos in Castelporziano wood

The  Castelporziano wood estate, which extends from the outskirts of Rome to the Tyrrhenian coast, represents a unique environmental heritage in Italy and of great value on a scale throughout the entire Mediterranean basin. For over 30 years ISPRA (initially as the National Institute for Wild Fauna, later merged in the National System for Environmental Protection), collaborates with the Presidency of the Republic to survey fauna populations, follow their demographic dynamics, providing indications for conservation and management of Ungulati populations.