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Third day of Geology and History: Underground cavities hidden or disappeared under the urban context
First Day of Applied EcotoxicologyNov 21, 2019 from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PMLivorno,
Green Public General States: fifth edition

Rome, Bologna, Torino, Milan, Lecce, Venice and Napoli 20-22 November

In 2013 Italy adopted a law on the green in the city, n. 10/2013, entitled "Rules for the development of urban green spaces", to strongly promote  a renewed  green culture of spread of trees in urbanized contexts, where most Italians live and work. The law establishes, at the Italian Ministry of the Environment for the protection of the territory and the sea, the Committee for the development of green public that is technically supported of ISPRA.

In order to stimulate discussion and debate, but also active policies on the territory, on the occasion of the National Tree Day on November 21st, the General States of Green Public 2019 were launched - now in their fifth edition - organized in 6 half-days scheduled between Rome (20 afternoon), Bologna (20 afternoon), Turin (21 morning), Milan (21 afternoon), Lecce (21 and 22) and Venice (22 morning). Each event deals with an aspect linked to green infrastructures and urban forests and represents an opportunity of comparison between the technical and institutional world, to converge towards a greater integration of green areas in territorial urban planning and towards nature-based solutions for more resilient cities.

Conference to celebrate the International Day for the elimination of Violence against Women organized by the CUG ISPRA
CleanAir@School, 14 november event-launchNov 14, 2019 from 09:00 AM to 01:00 PMRome, Sala della Regina, Palazzo Montecitorio,
Second day of Geology and History - disappeared Italian lakes, sacred sources and extinct thermal areas
EMAS and Ecolabel UE in the service: circular economy tools

Rimini, 7 november

Environmental certifications are among the tools to promote the spread of new production and consumption habits and that drive the market towards more eco-sustainable choices, realizing many of the elements of the circular economy. The EU Ecolabel products and services they are characterized by a reduced environmental impact during the entire life cycle and favor the awareness and shared responsibility of the producer, also while guaranteeing high standar performance.EMAS organizations are aware of their environmental impacts and constantly act to increase the environmental efficiency of the production system and are ready for the technological innovation, transparent in communicating their environmental data and build an open dialogue with stakeholders.

Circular economy: the importance of public-private partnershipsNov 06, 2019 from 03:30 PM to 05:30 PMFier of Rimini - Ecomondo,
Sustainable management of sediments and blue growth in coastal areas and in medium and small ports

Rimini, 5 november

National Coastal Erosion Table Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee, ISPRA, GNRAC

The Conference aims to present the progress advancement of the works relating to the sediment resource carried out within the National Coastal Erosion Table, in order  to establish a Coastal Observatory, on the estimate of resources from different sources, technical aspects and new technologies for their management, environmental and regulatory aspects

The first ISPRA Environmental Damage Report. The ascertained cases in the years 2017 and 2018

Roma, 17 october

The 2019 edition of the Environmental Damage Report in Italy represents the first ISPRA report on the State's action on the prevention and repair of environmental damage. With Law 132 -2016, the National System for Environmental Protection  was established, a coordinated system by ISPRA which has been given the task of supporting, on a technical level, the competent authority in environmental damage actions. The report therefore, is based on the reconstruction of the cases of proven damage in the years 2017 and 2018 and involved interested public and private subjects: administrations competent in environmental matters, operators of economic / productive activities, research bodies, insurance companies, associations of environmental protection and citizens, stakeholders

Presentation seminar of Eco-AlpsWater projectOct 16, 2019 from 09:30 AM to 04:30 PMRoma, sede ISPRA, Via V. Brancati, 48,

Innovative Ecological Assessment and Water Management Strategy for the Protection of Ecosystem Services in Alpine Lakes and Rivers

A plastic picture. Wastes and plastics in the sea.

Roma, 9 october

The issue related to the presence of marine litter has emerged especially in the last decade. From the monitoring program carried out by Italy for the implementation of the Framework Directive on the Strategy for the Marine Environment (Directive 2008/56 / EC, so-called 'Marine Strategy') it is possible to derive a first picture on the quantity of marine waste present on the coasts, on the seabed and in the water column.

The conference will aim to highlight the important link between governance and scientific research to tackle the emerging problem of marine and especially plastic waste in our seas. The Marine Strategy Directive is an important tool that has promoted synergy between different stakeholders. The Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea (MATTM) as the competent authority, the ISPRA as a reference technical institute and the Regional Agencies System (SNPA) are able to guarantee the implementation of the Directive throughout its adaptive process.

Leonardo Project - The Law System - Literary Meeting dedicated to the Basilicata RegionOct 03, 2019 from 10:30 AM to 01:00 PMRome, sede ISPRA, Via V. Brancati, 48,
Geology and History - Natural events and geohistorical researchOct 02, 2019 from 08:30 AM to 01:30 PMRoma, Società Geografica Italiana, Villa Celimontana,

Rome, 2 October

The Department for the Geological Service of Italy - ISPRA, the Italian Geographic Society and SIGEA propose six first informative and scientific events concerning natural risks, historical research and the landscape geomorphological evolution. These study days are organized to analyze the current state of knowledge regarding the importance of historical and cartographic sources for the study of geological phenomena and natural catastrophic events. The first day will face the natural hazards such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, sinkholes, floods, historical and cartographic sources and popular legends.

Sea Forest LIFE first conference: "Protect Posidonia oceanica to combat climate change"
National report on soil consumption, territorial dynamics and ecosystem services - edition 2019Sep 21, 2019 from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PMRome, Museo MAXXI, Sala Graziella Lonardi Buontempo, Via Guido Reni, 4A,

ISPRA will presents the new data on soil consumption in Italy and the 2019 edition of the Report of the National System for Environmental Protection. With a 180% increase in soil consumption from the 1950s to the present, the natural surface in Italy is reducing every year, increasing the negative effects on the territory, environment and the landscape. The contribution of the research, in addition to monitoring the trend of the phenomenon and the related environmental damage, is important for new planning perspectives and to provide tools and criteria useful for sustainable planning of urban areas.

ScienzaInsieme from Sep 20, 2019 12:00 AM to Sep 27, 2019 12:00 AMHeadquarters: Roma, Ozzano dell'Emilia (BO), Livorno, Chioggia/Venezia, Palermo,
Report on Non-Municipal Waste - edition 2019

The Report on Non-Municipal Waste, now at its eighteenth edition, is the result of a complex activity of collection, analysis and processing of data by the National Centre for Waste Circular Economy of ISPRA, with the contribution of regional and provincial Environmental Protection Agencies,  that implements a specific task required by article 189, d.lgs. n. 152 of 3th April 2006.

Through an effective and comprehensive system of knowledge on waste, it will provide an objective, accurate and up to date framework of information, in support of the legislator to guide appropriate policies and to monitor their effectiveness, introducing, if necessary, corrective measures.

ISPRA environmental education initiatives for schools: results and scenariosJun 19, 2019 12:00 AMRome, Ispra headquarter,

At the end of the 2018/2019 school year, the Institute will organize the seminar:"ISPRA environmental education initiatives for schools: results and scenarios" aims to be an opportunity to present the results of environmental education initiatives and projects that ISPRA provided to the schools for the second consecutive year. Thanks to the coordination of the Environmental Education and training area and the work of the Institute's technical-scientific units, ISPRA program has produced 9 projects adressed to 40 schools in Rome about different topics, from the protection of the marine environment to climate change, geological knowledge of Italian territory to the main issues related to urban environment

Workshop Project Sic2Sic - cycling through the Natura 2000 Network