A plastic picture. Wastes and plastics in the sea.

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Roma, 9 october

The issue related to the presence of marine litter has emerged especially in the last decade. From the monitoring program carried out by Italy for the implementation of the Framework Directive on the Strategy for the Marine Environment (Directive 2008/56 / EC, so-called 'Marine Strategy') it is possible to derive a first picture on the quantity of marine waste present on the coasts, on the seabed and in the water column.

The conference will aim to highlight the important link between governance and scientific research to tackle the emerging problem of marine and especially plastic waste in our seas. The Marine Strategy Directive is an important tool that has promoted synergy between different stakeholders. The Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea (MATTM) as the competent authority, the ISPRA as a reference technical institute and the Regional Agencies System (SNPA) are able to guarantee the implementation of the Directive throughout its adaptive process.

A plastic picture. Wastes and plastics in the sea.
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The actions related to the governance will be presented which, with the support of ISPRA, are being implemented in the various decision-making venues both in Europe and internationally.

The Regional Environmental Agencies that together with ISPRA constitute the National  System for Environmental Protection, will present the results obtained from the national marine litter monitoring program that is conducted according to the rule of the Marine Strategy Directive. Finally, a Marine Protected Area - that of Punta Campanella - will represent the positive collaboration with the world of fishing for the fight against waste at sea.


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