Final meeting "LIFE project+One deer two island"

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Cagliari, 1-2 March

The LIFE + project "One deer, two islands", funded by the European Union, which was attended by Forestas, the Province of Southern Sardinia, the Province of Nuoro, the Regional Natural Park of Corsica and ISPRA, has allowed  the creation of three new populations in suitable areas located in the SCI of Ogliastra, increased the genetic variability of the existing populations in Corsica and carried out ecological corridors to promote the natural dispersion of individuals and the colonization of new areas.

Final meeting "LIFE project+One deer two island"
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In the final meeting, will be presented all the results achieved during the LIFE project. On the second day, it will be dedicated to a round table on possible future scenarios for the management / conservation of the species in which all the stakeholders will participate.

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