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Sustainable mobility and data protection of people

The entry into force of the new EU European Regulation 2016/679 represents an opportunity to think about on the subject and the activity of the responsible for mobility manager, related to institution, company,  school or university.

In order to prepare a home-work or home-study travel plan according to the Ministerial Decree of 27 March 1998, it is necessary to acquire and process data relating to employees and students. What are the data of individual that the mobility manager or the collaborators or consultants need to acquire? How is the protection of personal data implemented?

The presentation of a good practice: the questionnaire for home-work / study travel.

The workshop is organized by the Roma TRE University and ISPRA, in cooperation with the Rome Services for Mobility Agency and is aimed at those involved in mobility management.

Further information:  mobilitymanager@isprambiente.it