Leonardo Project - The Law System - Literary Meeting dedicated to the Basilicata Region

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Literary meeting with the writer Mariolina Venezia dedicated to the BASILICATA REGION. This is the first event organized by the CUG ISPRA in the frame of LEONARDO PROJECT – THE LAW SYSTEM. The project aims to promote ORGANIZATIONAL WELLBEING, in the Institute and in SNPA, through a participatory path of reading narrative works with a regional environmental. Lucana is the setting for the novels of Mariolina Venezia, winner of the 2007 Campiello Award with "Mille anni che sto qui”". The event will take place in a way as to enhance the “extra-professional” skills of ISPRA employees, readings are provided with musical accompaniment by the BASILICATA READING COMMITTEE.

The meeting can be watched also in live streaming all’indirizzo: https://www.youtube.com/c/ISPRAVideoStreaming/live