Mining National Day - ten edition

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National territory, 26-27 may

The National mine day, promoted to spread values and the cultural meaning of geological tourism, is now at the 10th edition, with always more and more participation on the whole  Italian territory. The event is organized by REMI ISPRA-SNPA, ANIM, ASSOMINERARIA and G&T with the sponsorship of the National Council of Geologists and EuroGeoSurveys and provides the opportunity to insert their initiative by filling out the application form by 10 May.

Mining National Day - ten edition

The initiative foresees that each Museum and Mining Park can organize on its territory a voluntary event, in order to promote its own museum site Among the news of this year the participation in the Competition "Best  official poster -year GNM 2018" on the issues of conservation, protection and enhancement of the decommissioned mining heritage.

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Information and Communication

For any information :

Agata Patanè - Tel. 06-50074780 -  344-1249886 (ISPRA - Coordinatore ReMi e GNM, Dipartimento per il Servizio Geologico d’Italia)

Rossella Sisti – Tel. 06-50072379 -  320-5328274 (ISPRA - Area per la Comunicazione Istituzionale)

Alessandra Lasco – Tel 06-50072042((ISPRA - Ufficio Stampa)

Manuel Ramello - Tel. 393-9203751 (AIPAI - Associazione Italiana Patrimonio Archeologico Industriale)

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