Towards a national wolf monitoring plan

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Rome, 3-4 december 2018

The Italian population of wolves, reduced in the '70s to a few dozen individuals located in the central-southern Apennines, has progressively expanded, colonizing the entire territory, including the extreme branch of Puglia and all the Alpine arc. The numerical and distribution increase of this predator imposes a constant effort to update knowledge on the species, also in order to provide the decision-makers with credible and authoritative scientific data on which to base conservation and management decisions.For this purpose ISPRA has been commissioned by the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea to develop and implement a wolf national monitoring plan: for the launch of this program the Institute organizes a conference in Rome on 3 -4 December,  which will participate  wolf experts of the research world, parks, regions and autonomous provinces and the world of associations.

Towards a national wolf monitoring plan
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The conference will be opened by the greetings of the Minister of Environment Sergio Costa and the President of ISPRA Stefano Laporta, and will be closed with the conclusions of the General Director of ISPRA Alessandro Bratti. The event is aimed at technicians, researchers, administrations and bodies involved in conservation and species monitoring.


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