XIII Report on Urban Environment Quality - 2017 edition

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The report has come to the thirteenth edition. Made by the National System for Environmental Protection - SNPA, it has become over the years a reference for professionals and for users, thanks also to analyzes and assessments provided by the SNPA experts on the numerous data presented, which help the reader to understand the phenomena. The 2017 edition of the report provides the updates for all the 119 ( 116 Italian provincial capitals plus the 3 cities most populated) of a set of core indicators for the analysis of the urban environmental quality and urban quality of life in the Italian cities.

XIII Report on Urban Environment Quality - 2017 edition
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Since 2007 the Report is completed with a Focus on a specific topic, and this year will face the Sustainable Urban mobility.


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Urban environment quality - XIII Report 2017

Focus on pedestrian mobility in cities

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