The library “in Forma”: the building, the organization and the services of a "green-library"

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14 ° Study Day CNBA

The study-day will face  the theme of the library as a building in terms of sustainable construction, taking into account the natural lighting, heating and air conditioning with low energy cost, maintenance of materials, flooring and furniture; with several examples of projects in Europe and in the World of libraries adaptable to new forms of contents transmission and new services in the digital age.

The thematic of accessibility, regarding the public transport, the proximity to commercial services and sports structures will be developed considering  the urban environment and the context in which the different buildings are built.

The issue of sustainability is also linked to the specific services offered by libraries; enrichment and updating of collections, preservation of heritage documentary, the developing of digital libraries will be analyzed in a general frame of rationalization and cooperation between different structures and within national and international projects, through the carrying out of information networks , work division and participation.

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