Giuseppe Meneghini

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Giuseppe Meneghini (1811-1889)

Giuseppe Meneghini (1811-1889)

He was born in Padova.

He graduated in medicine at the University of Padova.

He became Assistant to the chair of Botany.

He became full Professor of Preparatory Sciences – Physics, Chemistry and Botany – for surgeons.

For political reasons related to the uprising, he was expelled as lecturer of the University of Padova.

He transferred to Pisa, where a Grand-Ducal decree appointed him as Professor of Mineralogy and Geology as well as Director of the University’s Museum, in replacement of Leopoldo Pilla who fell on the battle field of Curtatone.
He was the Founder of the Scuola Geologica di Pisa.

He was given the chair of Physical Geography.

1859 and 1863
His appointments were confirmed first with a Decree of the Government  of Tuscany, then by the King of Italy with a Royal Decree.

He became member of the Royal Mine Council.

He became member of the Royal Geological Committee of Italy.

He was appointed Director of the R. Museo di Storia Naturale of Pisa.

He was given the chair of Geology at the University of Pisa.

He became the President of the Geological Committee of Italy.

He was designated senator of the Kingdom of Italy.

He died in Pisa.
He was for several times the Chancellor of the University of Pisa and member of the Governing Council of Public Education. He wrote many publications and monographs. Until 1847 his studies were related physiology, medicine and, above all, botany (algology). He then passed to geology. His previous studies are still considered a precious preface to paleontology. He was full member, honorary member and correspondent of more than 80 national and international scientific academies, institutes, societies and associations. He received honorary titles such as: Gran Ufficiale della Corona d’Italia, Consigliere dell’Ordine del Merito Civile di Savoia, Consigliere del R. Ordine di Prussia per scienze e arti.