The "Pesciara di Bolca" and the "Monte Postale"

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The "Pesciara di Bolca" and the "Monte Postale"

Nation: Italy
Region: Veneto
Province: Verona
Municipality: Bolca

Pesciara di Bolca (Verona)

The deposit, known since 1555, has provided a vast number of ichtyofauna and plant finds. Similar finds of smaller sizes are: worms, shellfish, insects, jellyfish, Lamellibranchia, cephalopods, reptiles and bird feathers. The well-known “Pesciara” is a calcareous rock embedded in volcanic rocks.
The deposit corresponds to the top of the Lower Eocene or the bottom of the Middle Eocene. Its absolute age is about 48 million years.

The “Pesciara” deposit environment is a protected one, with a shallow sea similar to a lagoon that is limited with  respect to the open sea.

Point of interest: the deposit has preserved over 150 species of fishes in perfect conditions and has provided thousands of fossils. The fossiliferous levels are marked by a quarry.

Deterioration risk: limited

Constraints: The quarry has been licensed to the private sector.

Bibliography: Sorbini L. (1967) - Contributo alla sedimentologia della Pesciara di Bolca. (Contribution to the Sedimentology of the “Pesciara” of Bolca) Mem. Mus. Civ. St. Nat., 15, Verona, 213-321


Il rombo indiano (Mene rhombea) lunghezza cm 17,5The Indian Turbot (Mene rhombea), length 17.5 cm

Exellia velifer lunghezza cm 6Exellia velifer, length 6 cm

Sparnodus elongatus lunghezza 8 cm

Sparnodus elongatus, length 8 cm

Latanites sp. altezza cm 187Latanites sp., height 187 cm

Maffeia ceratophylloides altezza cm 35Maffeia ceratophylloides; height 35 cm

Getonia bolcensis lunghezza cm 4,5Getonia bolcensis; length 4.5 cm

Un imenottero lunghezza cm 2,5A Hymenopter; length 2.5 cm