The Virtual museum of the Geological and Historical Collections

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In 2008 ISPRA inherited and currently holds the conspicuous Geological and Historical Heritage of the former Geological Survey of Italy, consisting of the Paleontological and Litho-mineralogical Collections, over 150,000 findings (fossils, rocks and minerals), the Geological Relief maps Collection, the Collection of technical instruments, relics and works of art associated with the survey  activities for the Geological Map of Italy, carried out from the second half of the 1800s to the seventies of the 1900s.

This heritage is made accessible online with a first selection of findings and artifacts of ISPRA’s  eminent museum assets.

The National Geological Collections

Interest shown by the scientific community and the national press

S.SusannaThe prestigious ISPRA’s Collections, a unique heritage for Italy of the highest cultural and educational interest, must once again become accessible to the scientific community and to citizenship. It is a treasure of historical value that shows how geology is the first science that deals with man's relationship with theenvironment . Given the importance of the singular "geological national collection" hold by ISPRA, the scientific community hopes that soon Italy can have a geological museum just like all the Western world.

Earth Sciences Museums Directory

The Earth Sciences Museums Directory is a knowledge online tool for a diversified target.

ItalyThe idea of a Earth Sciences Museums Directory, available online, meets the need to create an instrument to disseminate the knowledge about the Italian reality in this field to a diversified target: professionals, teachers, citizens.