Federal Council

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The Federal Council (CF), chaired by the President of ISPRA and composed by the legal representatives of the ARPA-APPA, promotes the coordinated development of the National System of Environmental Protection (SNPA), aimed at ensuring convergence in operational strategies and harmonization in the exercise of the institutional tasks of the Agencies and ISPRA; develops multiannual programs of their activities, divided into annual plans, adopts  acts of address and recommendations, urges and proposes solutions to the issues for a better functioning of the system.

The Federal Council deliberates  in particular the programs of activities and initiatives of reporting and communication at national level of the system ISPRA / ARPA-APPA that are based on the collection and systematization of data and cooperation methods .

The Federal Council can also have the support of the Permanent Technical Committee (CTP), composed by technical-scientific directors of the Agencies.