Interagency Center for Hygiene and Occupational Safety

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The Centre is equipped with autonomous resources, professional (through the expertise provided by ARPA/ APPA and ISPRA) and economic (through ISPRA contributions to leader-agencies only for project costs), and aims to promote  and improvement  health and safety issues through:

1. action of internal benchmarking to homogenize and integrate solutions and choices;

2. use of competencies in an economy of scale of human and financial resources;

3. a homogenization of the evaluation criteria of the risks and consequent actions with the ultimate goal of preparing an SGS, compatible and integrated with the Quality Systems and Environment adoptable by the entire Agency System;

4. develop databases of solutions, procedures and safety protocols for activities inside and outside the Environmental Protection Agencies;

5. the implementation of interagency training programs;

6. the preparation and publication of guidelines, information materials, documentations


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