Permanent Technical Committee

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The Federal Council established the Permanent Technical Committee during a meeting held in Tourin on 5 October 2009, for the reorganization, programming and verification of the interagency activities.
The Federal Council is entrusted with the monitoring of the planning and implementation of the system's activities, to be approved by the Federal Council. The Permanent Technical Committee is a collegial body composed by the Technical Directors of the Agencies and by the scientific managers of ISPRA. Other members can be appointed if necessary.
The Committee, based on the directives established by the Federal Council:

  • proposes the three-year program and the annual operational plans;
  • propose the composition of the Working Groups for the preparation of the products;
  • expresses the need for the establishment of thematic networks;
  • checks the progress of the activities;
  • decides on the solution of problems that may occur during the implementation;
  • verifies the results achieved and ensures the presentation of the products to the Federal Council.

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