Circular economy national conference

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Presentation of the National report on the circular economy in Italy

Circular economy national conference

The National Conference on Circular Economy, organized by the Circular Economy Network, will take place in Rome on March 1st. The Circular Economy Network, promoted by the Foundation for sustainable development together with a group of companies and business associations, will present its first "Report on the circular economy in Italy 2019", developed in cooperation with ENEA.

The Report evaluates the performance of Italy according to the implementation of the European circular economy strategy, taking into account production, consumption, waste management, the recycled materials market, sectors such as plastics and food waste, investments , employment and innovation. The Report analyzes the Italian context and also provides a comparison with the main European economies.

The conference also represents a comparison opportunity with the business and employment world, research bodies, experts, representatives of the Government and the Parliament, on a topic of great strategic value for the country both from an environmental and economic point of view.
The ISPRA DG, Alessandro Bratti, will join the conference

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