Climatic variations and hydraulic governance of the territory

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An year later the the terrible Vaia storm that hit the north-eastern Italian regions towards the end of 2018, equally intense weather events have given rise in the Veneto Region to situations of extreme hydrogeological criticality, starting from the mountain slopes up to to involve the lowland areas and the lagoon and sea coasts. The sea storms that affected the northern Adriatic were particularly violent and disastrous, with unusual sequences of high water that reached the extraordinary level of 187 cm in Venice, second only to that of 194 cm in November 1966.

The study-day will focus on  to three of the most important components likely to affect the development and hydraulic safety of the Veneto region: the heavy rains at the origin of the risk of flooding and flooding, the storms potentially devastating for the coastal strip, the drought source of insecurity and limitation for agricultural production.

At the meeting an Ispra expert will participate.

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