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Madrid, 2 - 13 dicembre 2019

The negotiations of the XXI Conference of the Parties and the Conference of the Parties of the Kyoto Protocol, held in Paris in December 2015, brought to the approval of the Paris Agreement, signed by Italy on 04/22/16 in New York, which has different targets  the containment of greenhouse gas emissions, financial support for mitigation, adaptation and the loss and damage mechanism.

The Paris Agreement entered into force on 4 November 2016, after the ratification of 55 countries that represent  at least 55% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Until today, 180 countries, of the 197 members of the UNFCCC, have ratified the Paris agreement

After the conference in France, the COP24 negotiations in Katowice defined the so-called Paris Agreement Work Program (PAWP), with the adoption of a Rulebookof the Paris Agreement: among the most relevant points of the new rulebook, the information necessary for the revision of the contributions determined at national level (NDC) and for the accounting of the commitments adopted, as well as the set of shared rules for the transparency of actions and  support,  that implement Article 13 of Paris Agreement.

The elaboration of a reporting and monitoring system common to all the Parties, based on the principles of Transparency, Accuracy, Completeness, Coherence and Comparability (TACCC), is the pillar of the new package of rules, which will allow the Paris Agreement to be full implementation, while respecting the NDCs and their respective capabilities.

The fundamental points of the new "transparency" system are:

• national inventories of greenhouse gas emissions, ensuring that they comply with certain technical characteristics and that they are transmitted on at least a two-year basis by all the Parties;

• monitoring the implementation and achievement of NDCs, to be carried out through quantitative and / or qualitative indicators

• the technical review of reports sent by experts: aimed at evaluating the effective implementation of the commitments undertaken

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Side events:


ISPRA experts will participate will speak as a reporteur at the following events:

Event of the Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea:

Building trust and transparency to enhance climate action

Wednesday 4th December 2019, 13.30h to 14.45h


Moving Towards the Enhanced Transparency Framework

Wednesday, 04 Dec 2019 13:15—14:45

Event ICAT(project of which ISPRA is implementing agency, together UNEP-DTU):

Enhanced transparency frameworks for effective climate policies–national implementation

Wednesday, 11 Dec 2019, 18:30—20:00

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