Confernce "Plastics"

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Ispra will participate in the conference "Plastics in ... net" organized by MAREVIVO, Alliance of Italian Cooperatives (ACI) and Mediterranean Association of Farmers on the topic of plastics at sea with particular reference to those produced from shelfish farming activity.

During the event will be analyzed the regulatory framework in the field of the waste management, the possible solutions and projects for collection of waste from the bottom by fishermen.

An ISPRA expert will present the results of the Fishing for Litter activity carried out by the fishing vessels of the Chioggia navy within the ML-REPAIR project.

The event will include the participation of the Regional Councilor for the Environment, Paola Gazzolo, the Councilor for Agriculture and Fisheries, Simona Caselli, and the President of the Emilia-Romagna region Stefano Bonaccini.


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