Empowering the Mediterranean Community: tools for ecosystem-based management

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The meeting organized in the whole of PANACEA project aims to set up and compare the European projects financed  by INTERREG MED programming. ISPRA experts will join the meeting to present results and products obtained from MEDSEALITTER, Plastic Busters MPAs and MPA-ADAPT projects.In particular, the PlasticBusters MPAs project is the first integrated project funded by INTERREG MED on the issue of  Marine Litter that involve 15 partners of which ISPRA is the Project Leader.

The activities have started last February 2018 and will continue for 4 years and are connected also to other projects such as MEDSEALITTER, DefishGear, ACT4LITTER, MPA-ADAPT with the aim to develop  a Governance system and a network with Mediterranean Protected Pelagic and Coastal Marine Areas for tackle, manage and mitigate the Marine Litter problem.