IMPEL Water and Land Conference

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IMPEL Water and Land Conference

This year IMPEL’s Water and Land Conference will focus on adaption measures to deal extreme events, droughts and floods due to changes in our climate. The Conference will take place 8th and 9th October 2019 in Rome, Italy.
Europe in the second half of the century may face significantly deepening drought, and more river floods if global temperatures continue to rise. Something it needs to begin preparing for now.
Droughts will become longer and drier and – in the worst-case scenario – will reach northern Europe. Much of southern Europe experienced lengthy droughts last 5 years, which caused widespread fires and decimated crops. Rome turned off its public fountains and only narrowly avoided rationing water supplies to homes.
Severe floodings have hit Britain and Germany and Serbian Republic in recent years, and Paris was forced to evacuate 1,500 people when the Seine flooded. Cities can build large infrastructure such as reservoirs or flood barriers, or can make smaller incremental changes repeatedly.

There is a lot of extreme weather events that will hit us, requiring to start thinking long term in terms of preparing and adapting for any sort of climate event. The drought and floods can also threat water supplies and states, regions and cities need to adapt long before a drought or flood hits. Once a drought or flood kicks in, it may be too late.

Program and further information

The conference has no participation fee, but has limited seats (80)

To participate, please register here

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