ISPRA participates in RemTech expo 2019

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RemTech Expo today opens  in Ferrara, the only international permanent event specializing in the topics such as reclamation, coasts, instability, climate change, seismic, urban regeneration, sustainable industry. At the SNPA stand, the President ISPRA and SNPA, Stefano Laporta and the DG lof the Institute, Alessandro Bratti, have presented the activities of the National System for environmental protection to the Minister of Cultural Heritage, Dario Franceschini.

ISPRA participates in RemTech expo 2019

Video President Stefano Laporta

Video DG  Alessandro Bratti

Video opening

RemTech Expo is the only permanent international event dedicated to reclamation of contaminated sites, environmental and natural hazards, safety, maintenance and upgrading of the territory,  climate changes and circular chemistry. It consists of nine segments, schools, academy and international hubs: REMTECH and REMTECH EUROPE reclamation of polluted sites, COAST Coast Guard, Ports and Sediments, ESONDAhydrogeological and landslides, GEOSISMICA mitigation of seismic risk, INERTIA sustainability of works and re-use of materials, RIGENERACITY urban regeneration and social housing, CLIMETECH climate changes and measure tools, CHEMTEH reconversion and circular chemistry, NUCLEAR FOCUS risks and decommissioning.

Ispra will participate at various conferences and seminars.