Nuclear safety, Italy presidency for the 5th ENSREG conference

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The fifth ENSREG Conference (European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group) today in Brussels on 6 and 7 June, attended by the leaders of the national nuclear safety authorities of the EU Member States. The event, hosted in the European Commission's Charlemagne building, represents an opportunity to debate on achievements and future challenges in the field of nuclear safety. Among the participants also Stefano Laporta, as a president of the ENSREG Conference, Coordinator of the ISIN Council as well as chairman of the Working Group on radioactive waste and decommissioning, has declared: "Nuclear safety is a dynamic concept that needs to always be deepened and pursued. The obsolescence of nuclear plants and decommissioning must be safely managed. I am also honored to chair this conference on behalf of my Country and excited because it takes place in a room dedicated to a great Italian, one of the Europe's fathers, De Gasperi "
Nuclear safety, Italy presidency for the 5th ENSREG conference

The main theme of the conference will be the conclusion and follow-up of the first Topical Peer Review (TPR) which, introduced in 2014, is the most important nuclear safety test in Europe after the post-Fukushima stress tests.

The TPR mainly deals with the management of nuclear plants, also as a consequence of their aging, a crucial safety problem related to plans for the long-term operation of nuclear reactors. Other important topics of the ENSREG Conference will be the deactivation and management of waste, the standardization of the supply chain, the obsolescence of components and  nuclear knowledge management.


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