Preserve the natural hydraulic defense system of the coast

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The event is promoted by La Sapienza University  and the Municipality of Latina to present to the bodies research and Administrations that are inlcuded in the Technical Table to protect coast, the objectives and methods of  research analysis of a project funded  the Ministry of the Environment to the University.

The project is developed by a group of researchers from the Civil and Industrial Engineering Department of Sapienza which was joined by some ISPRA researchers who have been dealing with the coast of the Circeo National Park for a long time.

The stretch of coast from the Circeo National Park to Foce Verde, for a total extension of about 30 km, is today the natural hydraulic defense system that protects the Pontine plain from the phenomenon of marine ingression. However, a system that over the years has become increasingly vulnerable. The event aims to undertake a path of synergies between the University and the signatory institutions of the Memorandum of Understanding for protection of coast so that the results of the project can be fully usable for the purpose of managing this stretch of coast.

An Ispra expert will participate at the meeting.


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