Second meeting of the IMPEL project "Criteria for the Assessment of the Environmental Damage"

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ISPRA (Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research), on the 9th and 10th October 2019, will conduct the second meeting of the IMPEL Network project entitled "CAED - Criteria for the Assessment of Environmental Damage", that will be held in the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) in Edinburgh.

The project, coordinated by ISPRA within the strategic work program of the IMPEL Network 2016-2020, is developed in the thematic area of environmental damage, in particular, on the aspects of the ascertainment of environmental damage and threats of environmental damage, and involve officials from environmental agencies and environmental authorities in Belgium, Croatia, Finland, France, England, Ireland, Kosovo, Latvia, Malta, The Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland, Slovenia, Spain.

The objective of the project is to achieve a more effective implementation of Directive 2004/35/EC at European level, defining the criteria, both from a procedural and a technical point of view, which allow to timely and effectively detect and evaluate the clues and evidences of environmental damage and threats of environmental damage and, consequently, to obtain greater prevention and restoration of environmental damage.

The second meeting, which takes place at the SEPA headquarters, will serve to analyse the case studies collected by a specific questionnaire disseminated in June to the competent authorities, environmental agencies, control bodies and sectoral and non-governmental associations of all Member States.

Moreover, the first criteria for the determination of the environmental damage will be defined and the first report / guideline draft that will contain good practices, case studies and useful tools for the determination of damage will be discussed.


For more information please contact the project manager:

Francesco Andreotti